The 80 20 Rule is a Great Principle for Weight Loss

The 80/20 Rule is no Diet

It’s a lifestyle change that can create sustainable weight loss. No more of those fad diets that say “NEVER”. This is not like The Atkins diet or Paleo Diet. While each of those diets have value in some regards they are limiting and unrealistic in real life weight loss goals.

80% Healthy Food 20% Normal Life Food

Notice I didn’t say 20% unhealthy food. In reality we are all going to cheat, we go to family parties or we’re in a rush so yeah, we are going to eat some “normal life food”. The key is to have better meal planning and prepping and healthier eating habits in general. These you build upon slowly with practice and testing. If you’d like to learn more about Meal Planning and Healthy Recipes then read our articles. Enter your email for some tips on healthy eating habits and recipes for weight loss.

Working out and getting healthy doesn’t have to be so hard. There are many great resources out there.