How to Create a meal plan

As you know I am a busy mom to 2 year old twin toddlers.  I like simple and cheap meals.  Meal planning used to be so time consuming and stressful making it hard to be successful with eating healthy consistently!  I have adopted some super simple tricks that help me every week so I can be successful with my meal planning.

These tips have helped me lose the 60 pounds I gained with the twins and an additional 10 pounds of weight loss.

I have kept it off for over a year by being consistent with meal planning, following the 80/20 clean eating rule, and taking 30 minutes a day to workout.

meal plan for weight loss meal planning made easy

The key is to Meal plan and prep the Weekend before:

 First: Buy all ingredients and prep what you can. Cut up peppers, veggies, marinade chicken, etc.

Make the dinner for Monday night on Sunday night and re-heat on Monday night while the kids are climbing all over  you and fighting for your attention!

Have everything else ready to go the night before and even make it that night after kids go to bed so the next day you can just re-heat it.

Plan your meals with a theme so you can buy in bulk and save $ and time by using some of the same things like homemade salsa or guac.

Example of a Mexican themed week could be ground beef/turkey taco salad, enchiladas, stuffed peppers, burrito bowl, fajitas. check out my Healthy Recipes page for some more ideas.

Make a little extra dinner to use for lunch the next day to save even more time and money.

Write down the meals on a white board on the fridge so the whole family knows what to expect for the week.

Plan out what meal you will have on what days.  Plan these meals around other activities like soccer practice for the kids… You will want to have something you can re-heat or throw together quickly and have in the oven or crockpot while getting the car ready to go.

I hope these tips were helpful! If you have any feedback send me an email:

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