Let’s face it!  Being on a “diet” is hard!  There is always a reason to put it off.  Here are some of the excuses I have used (even recently).  

  1. I’ll wait till after the holidays
  2. I’ll wait till after my birthday, my kids birthday, my moms birthday, my friends birthday, etc
  3. I’ll wait till after Super Bowl
  4. I’ll wait till Monday
  5. Oh just enjoy life and don’t worry about what you eat (except that life is harder to enjoy when you have migraines, constipation, low self esteem, chronic fatigue, etc.  from the food (crap) we put into our bodies) 

The truth is if we keep waiting for the right time we will be waiting forever! If we just “enjoy” our food but constantly suffer from the side effects of it will we really be able to “enjoy” ourselves?  Or will we be complaining of joint pain, stomach pain, body image, fatigue…  

Finding alternatives to the foods we love is important and necessary to create a balanced lifestyle!!  Not a diet!  Surround yourself with positive and supportive people and share your recipes.  Hosting and Being a part of monthly groups with like minded people with similar goals has been monumental in my success to reach and maintain my goal weight and FEEL incredible from the inside out!  

With Super Bowl quickly approaching I have been trying to put together some great recipes to things I love to snack on.  See the recipe page on this blog for some great ideas and feel free to message me on Facebook, email me at emilyjagblog@gmail.com or comment below for any extra tips on modifying some of your favorite!