Well…  It’s that time I think! How do you potty train TWIN TODDLERS??  
I am going to be attempting this while I am off work for he next 5 days!  I have been given advice and of course it all contradicts each other so I am going with my gut! I was forced to take 7 days off of work because I came down with the flu (even though I got the flu shot) and on top of that I had strep throat!  Yuck!!! After 3 days of meds I am feeling better but I am still off for 4 more days.  

Today I decided to follow one theory and let the kids run around naked and when they start to go throw them   on the potty.  Well, with 2 of them running different directions there was pee on the carpet literally within 2 minutes! So, pull ups were up next with using the method to have them “try” every 3o-60 minutes and using the sticker/reward method for every attempt!  That part went ok but I made the mistake of telling them if they went I would give them M&M’s.  They wanted them every time they “tried”.  I gave in a few times desperate for them to want to go but that didn’t work either. Aiden was close and peed on the tile right next to the potty while my focus was on Allie (one potty over).   They have 14 stickers but were not successful yet! I have not given up but I am starting to wonder if they’re really ready….  

More to come on this adventure!  On a side note, I did manage to bribe them to sit on it for quite some time while sharing my shake that was full of nutrition and extra spinach so that’s one mom WIN!!  So thankful they love these shakes otherwise they definitely would not be meeting their veggie quota!