Love them or hate them??  

Being a busy working mom of TWIN toddlers, I LOVE Making resolutions, goals, benchmarks… Whatever you want to call them!  It helps me stay organized! 

It’s not enough to have a goal or resolution.  You have to have a plan on how you are going to get there!  To keep yourself even more accountable and successful you need to write it out and SHARE it with others!!! 

My biggest goal is always to be THE BEST VERSION of MYSELF!  This is a huge goal with A LOT of smal goals within  it.  Here are just a few of them. 

  • Practice patience!  With my husband, my kids, and everyone I interact with!  I plan to do this with AT LEAST 20 minutes of personal development a day (hopefully in the morning). #lifelonglearner  This will help me start the day off right with a good and positive mindset so I am more prepared with the chaos of the day.
  • I will read AT least 10 pages of a book before I go to bed every night 
  • I will start and finish a workout program every month (even if it’s the same one) 
  • I will continue my 80/20 clean eating plan and share it with as many people as possible
  • I will help as many people as possible this year to get started on their own health and fitness journey or maybe even their own health and fitness business working from home while working on themselves.  
  • I will be more positive by saying 3 positive things every time I say something negative (not including stating facts but negative opinions) and by helping others do the same 
  • I will finish the PF change half marathon in January and the Spartan sprint in February. 

Bring it on 2016!  I am ready for you!