Before having the twins I was overcome with fear!  I spent my whole life preparing and planning for the worst and I thought it was healthy!  I thought this will help me ALWAYS be ready when something goes wrong… What I didn’t realize was that I was attracting that negative energy and unintentionally setting myself up to fail.  Then, when I did fail or something did go wrong  I would say “see I knew I would” or “good thing I was prepared for…”   Since having my kids I have forever changed!  Wanting to be the best role model for them and be the best mother I can be I knew I had to be more confident!  I just didn’t know how! 

Since becoming a Beachbody coach I unintentionally changed my mindset!  I made a physical goal for myself and was determined to achieve it.  My goal was to Lose 20 pounds and fit into my clothes.  I just DECIDED I had to.  I had to really dig deep and push myself.  I have had to give myself pep talks and give my other coaches and clients pep talks to push themselves.  I wanted to lead by example so sometimes I had to adopt the mentality “fake it until you make it.” Well, once I achieved my initial physical goals, I made new physical goals and kept that cycle going!  I recently realized that my confidence in my physical ability has gone through the roof!  I have never EVER been confident when it came to my appearance or physical ability!  Now I know if I put my mind to something and I decide I am going to do something that I will achieve it!  I don’t say “my goal is to lose 20 pounds but if I can’t then my goal will be to lose 5 pounds” or “I will do a half marathon but if I can’t  I will stop and walk out of the race.”  

I heard in a podcast by Chalene Johnson that one way to build inner confidence is to start with a physical transformation.  It’s hard to change your mindset.  We all can fake it.  Let’s face it, most of us do fake it at some point.   A physical transformation is something tangible.  It’s something we can control by deciding and committing to something.   Once you set a physical goal to finish a fitness program, do 5 push-ups, run a marathon, whatever that goal is and you complete it, you feel proud and confident.That confidence grows and you start sharing that with others around you.  I started thinking about how much I have grown since becoming a coach and reaching my physical goals.  It’s made me see that I AM capable, I DO know what I am doing, I AM inspiring people, I CAN succeed if I put my mind to it.  I don’t have to plan for the worst!  I can be confident that everything WILL WORK out!  
I still have some work to do in other areas of my life but that little physical transformation/goal to lose 20 pounds has given me the confidence to push forward and reach for other goals I didn’t even know I had.  I am now making goals for myself that the old me would have never even dreamt of. Dreams that seemed impossible before.  I hope that I can pass this on to my kids rather than the self doubt and fear I had before.  

 Do you struggle with confidence?  Do you have some goals that seem impossible? Do you have a physical goal you can start with to help you build that confidence??   Comment below or send me a message at or use the links on this page to find and follow me on Facebook!  I would be happy to share how I got to this point and help you get here too!