Yes!!! EVERY diet works!  Take it from this mom of twins who has tried every diet in the world (or so it feels like I have).  Doesn’t that sound kind of contradicting??  If every diet works why would I need to try every diet in the world??   You probably already know the reason but I am going to tell you anyway! 

Let’s start with naming a few of the crazy diets I have tried.  

  • Pineapple, hot tea and bacon diet
  • Weight watchers
  • Salad a day 
  • No gluten, sugar, or dairy
  • Paleo
  • Diet pills
  • Wraps and creams

Some of those on the list are little more far fetched than others but none the less they all did what they said they were going to do!  The problem is that most of them only work while doing them and it doesn’t take long to gain it all back.  THEY ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE for ever!  In my opinion, you MUST learn balance and you MUST understand how YOUR BODY works and processed foods.  The best thing I ever did was start by going through a whole month of clean eating in addition to taking out foods that are most often causing upset stomach/s, bloating, leaky gut, constipation, etc. It was a rough month and wasn’t easy.  Like most things in life though if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you!  I took out anything with added sugar, dairy and gluten. After a month I felt amazing but I knew (for me) it wasn’t realistic to think I would never eat it again.  I slowly would add things in little by little and I noticed my body did NOT like dairy.  I  would feel constipated and bloated.  I remember over my birthday weekend I ate whatever was around and by the end of the week I told my Husband I was sure I gained 10 pounds.  My new clothes were feeling tight and I was tired and felt blah!!  I weighed myself to see how much damage I did.  I GAINED 1 pound!!!  That’s it!  WHAT?  I felt like I gained 10 and though I LOOKED so much bigger.  It was then that I really realized the scale is a number and although it was a number I liked I never wanted to intentionally feel that way again.  Within 2 days of just cutting back and following my routine I was back to feeling great!  If I would’ve kept going down that road just because the scale didn’t move it would’ve eventually caught back up and I would’ve had to start all over.  

The key is balance.  I follow an 80/20 rule.  80% of the time I follow a clean eating plan and pay attention to ingredients rather than counting calories, fiber or fat.  I LOVE food and I EAT ALOT!!! I just eat THE RIGHT FOODS.  I have treat meals too so I don’t ever feel like binging and getting into a situation that I can’t control.  I make my own desserts. 

 I have learned so much since becoming an online fitness and health coach and love sharing that info with others.  There is just too much to share in 1 blog post.  It changed my life and it feels selfish not to pay it forward.  Check out my recipe page for some tips. Message me if you need any Individual assistance or if you would like to be added to any of my private online groups!