img_2753.jpgMost of you who know me know I LOVE fun new WORKOUT TANK TOPS.  Are you more motivated to work out when you get new clothes?  What motivates you the most??  I am more MOTIVATED when I have new shoes or new pants, but most of all, I love a new shirt with some fun sayings on them.   I try to pick ones out that fit my mood for the day or even plan ahead and pick out a shirt to wear for the next day that will motivate me to wake up, lace up, and push play!


I came across this page on facebook called I love Being a fitness Coach and they have some of the most inspiring and fun shirts!  They are super comfortable for everyday wear as well as during a workout!  If you are interested in checking them out use this link and chop away!

P.S.  Leave a comment or send me message if you are interested in joining my team as a coach or joining a challenge group.  I will send you one of these shirts as a gift to you if you decide to join as a little welcome to the team! IMG_6865