HOW Alcohol can Interfere with your WEIGHT LOSS?

CAN Drinking ALCOHOL interfere with your WEIGHT LOSS????     YES! From the Beachbody Blog: Think twice before you reward yourself with a cold beer after a tough workout. Despite some interesting research regarding the potential health benefits of polyphenols, such as resveratrol, found in grapes and red wine, your favorite frosty beverage still doesn’t qualify as a health [...]

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Want PIZZA without heating up the kitchen or getting all the grease?  Try these HEALTHIER OPTIONS for something new!  HOMEMADE PIZZA is simple and fun for the family! Have you ever tried GRILLING your pizza??   Instead of heating up the kitchen try throwing it on the grill. Salad Pizza: Topping your pizza with greens is a [...]

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Burrito Bowl Zucchini Boats

This FAMILY APPROVED, SIMPLE, HEALTHIER version of the BURRITO BOWL has come in many packages in the Jagodzinski house!  I have used this recipe to make bowls, stuffed peppers, and now zucchini boats. For the Burrito Bowl I use the following ingredients but this recipe is so versatile and can easily be changed to add things [...]

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A Healthy Twist on A Banana Split!  Healthy dessert swaps are one of my favorites!  I have a HUGE sweet tooth!  I have been able to really cut back on my sugar intake by learning how to make healthy swaps that still TASTE GOOD!!  See Below for DAIRY FREE or NUT FREE options See below for [...]

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Shakeology! The healthiest daily shake there is!

Why Should You Drink Shakeology Every Day? It can Help you Lose weight Reduce junk food cravings Provide healthy energy Support your digestion and regularity. It's a great meal replacement for success: You won't feel deprived, because every delicious shake tastes like a sinful treat. The proteins, fiber, and healthy fats will help you feel [...]

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FUN and SIMPLE 4th of July party recipes

FUN and SIMPLE 4th of July appetizers and quick meals! Isn't it more fun to celebrate 4th of July BBQ's with a few red, white, and blue treats? This Independence Day lets celebrate America’s birthday with some patriotic recipes below.  They might be a bigger hit that than the fireworks!  Inspired by the beachbody blog! American Flag Fruit [...]

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What is the 80 20 rule for dieting

The 80 20 Rule is a Great Principle for Weight Loss The 80/20 Rule is no Diet It's a lifestyle change that can create sustainable weight loss. No more of those fad diets that say "NEVER". This is not like The Atkins diet or Paleo Diet. While each of those diets have value in some regards they [...]

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Simple Meal Planning Tips and Recipe Ideas

How to Create a meal plan As you know I am a busy mom to 2 year old twin toddlers.  I like simple and cheap meals.  Meal planning used to be so time consuming and stressful making it hard to be successful with eating healthy consistently!  I have adopted some super simple tricks that help [...]

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3 Simple Steps to Meal Planning

Meal Planning Made Easy Did you know most people say the biggest reason they do not eat healthy is because they don't have time to meal prep? Secondly, they don't have the money. They need their meals to be "cheap", "simple", "quick", and "family friendly". I am here to tell you that IT IS possible [...]

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Banana pancakes (with alternate recipe underneath for waffles or thicker pancakes)

Ingredients: 1 banana (yellow/green) 2 eggs Dash or 2 of cinnamon (to taste) Cooking spray Large skillet Mix in blender or bullet first 3 ingredients  and then pour on greased/non-stick pre-heated skillet.  Should make about 6-8 medium pancakes and yes you can EAT THEM ALL  **wait for them to bubble before you try to flip. [...]

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