3 Week Yoga Retreat

3 Week Yoga Retreat from Beachbody On Demand Want to try yoga but too intimidated by the complicated poses? Or, do you think you’re simply not flexible enough to contort yourself into a pretzel? Then, you’re going to love 3 Week Yoga Retreat, coming in September exclusively to Beachbody On Demand. 3 Week Yoga Retreat is [...]

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Shakeology! The healthiest daily shake there is!

Why Should You Drink Shakeology Every Day? It can Help you Lose weight Reduce junk food cravings Provide healthy energy Support your digestion and regularity. It's a great meal replacement for success: You won't feel deprived, because every delicious shake tastes like a sinful treat. The proteins, fiber, and healthy fats will help you feel [...]

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Team Beachbody Store

Beachbody Coaches only source of income is a referral fee from products we use and promote. I use many of the products that Beachbody has to offer including their workout programs, Shakeology of course! Follow our team and get involved and find the products that fit you the best for your goals. Check out and [...]

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Beachbody Coaching Sessions

Beachbody Coach - Emily Jag I like to get together (virtually and live) with my team: Push_Play. Beachbody has great programs to keep you motivated. With an almost unlimited amount of work out options from the biggest names in fitness! Also I talk about healthy diet tips, meals, work outs and just work hard at [...]

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