I am busy mom of twins working as an Occupational Therapist 30 hours/wk.  I had a deep desire to fit back into my clothes before winter so I didn’t have to buy all knew jeans (they’re so expensive) LOL.  
Have you ever looked at famous people and thought “of course they’re in great shape.   They get paid to be in great shape”….  I say that all the time and when this opportunity fell into my lap while I was trying so hard to lose that baby weight I took it and ran!   
I remember telling my husband “I am just going to sign up so I can get discounts on this shake that I tried and really like because it’s guaranteed to help me lose weight and give me natural energy so I can have a quick lunch and still be able to manage the twins”.  I remember telling him “I might even be able to make some extra money doing it if anybody I know ever wants to try it too”.  I NEVER thought I would be able to inspire so many people and have people I dont even know asking me for advice and helping them get started!  

I’ve ALWAYS been a shy person when it comes to people I don’t know.  I knew I could never make it in a business where I had to rely on selling stuff and talking to people and that is what I thought coaching was. I ran a free challenge group for friends and family my first month as a coach just to see if anyone was interested and hoped to have 5-10 people and I had 20+ people.   I was scared and excited at the same time!  From that point on I just went with it and never looked back.   Knowing I had people watching me and following me and knowing I shared my goals publicly (including before and after pictures) made me so much more accountable. I always told myself I could never have a small waist or toned arms because it was just how my body always was.  Those were my “problem areas” and I settled with the thought that “it’s just the way it is”.  I’m amazed at what a little consistency, balance, accountability, and a great support system can do for someone!   I absolutely have found my calling and it all started with a simple decision to try something that sounded so scary but so worth it!  I have met so many amazing people and reconnected with so many old friends during this journey.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much this has changed my life.  It’s so much more than a physical journey!  It’s mental as well.  It’s not a diet it’s a total lifestyle change with getting it o amazing shape as a bonus! 

I desperately needed a change to get me out of the depression I was falling back into.  That battle I fought on and off for so long!  I can honestly say since becoming A coach I have not experienced any depression which is The most amazing part of it all!   

I would love to share more of my story or answer any questions you may have!  I want to pay it forward and help as many people as possible get started on their knew happy healthy lifestyle. I also have free sneak peek into coaching groups every month for anyone who thinks this may be something they’re interested in!