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Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls! A healthy snack with a great taste!

Ingredients Shredded chicken Frank’s original hot sauce Broccoli slaw Blue cheese crumbles Directions: the great thing about this recipe is there is not any measuring! Add as much or little of each ingredient as you like. More sauce for more spice. I used VERY LITTlE blue cheese crumbles. Mix it all together and then place [...]

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10 minute workout perfect for busy moms

10 minute workout! I got to try out a new home workout program today and it was amazing. Quick high intensity workouts are perfect for busy moms like me! Here is a sneak peek at some of the moves! Do each move for 1 minute then take a 20 second water break and repeat 2 [...]

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Quick and easy Super Bowl foods! 

Let's face it!  Being on a "diet" is hard!  There is always a reason to put it off.  Here are some of the excuses I have used (even recently).   I'll wait till after the holidays I'll wait till after my birthday, my kids birthday, my moms birthday, my friends birthday, etc I'll wait till [...]

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Exercise!!! Love it or hate it? 

Can we be honest for a minute??  Answer a tough question for me.  WHY DON'T you exercise?   I hope you're answer is because it's just not a priority right now.  Honestly, that's the only reason I can think of that makes sense.  I don't like that answer but at least it's honest!  In some [...]

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Yes!!! EVERY diet works!  Take it from this mom of twins who has tried every diet in the world (or so it feels like I have).  Doesn't that sound kind of contradicting??  If every diet works why would I need to try every diet in the world??   You probably already know the reason but [...]

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Let your faith overcome your fears and strengthen your confidence! 

Before having the twins I was overcome with fear!  I spent my whole life preparing and planning for the worst and I thought it was healthy!  I thought this will help me ALWAYS be ready when something goes wrong... What I didn't realize was that I was attracting that negative energy and unintentionally setting myself [...]

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New Years resolutions…

Love them or hate them??   Being a busy working mom of TWIN toddlers, I LOVE Making resolutions, goals, benchmarks... Whatever you want to call them!  It helps me stay organized!  It's not enough to have a goal or resolution.  You have to have a plan on how you are going to get there!  To [...]

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Potty training toddlers??! 

Well...  It's that time I think! How do you potty train TWIN TODDLERS??   I am going to be attempting this while I am off work for he next 5 days!  I have been given advice and of course it all contradicts each other so I am going with my gut! I was forced to [...]

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Busy mom of twins becomes an online fitness coach

I am busy mom of twins working as an Occupational Therapist 30 hours/wk.  I had a deep desire to fit back into my clothes before winter so I didn't have to buy all knew jeans (they're so expensive) LOL.   Have you ever looked at famous people and thought "of course they're in great shape. [...]

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Check out my new blog

I will start using this blog to share my health and fitness tips, recipes, and my journey!  Feel free to comment or message me anytime so we can help each other reach our goal and make 2016 AMAZING!    

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