3 Week Yoga Retreat from Beachbody On Demand

Want to try yoga but too intimidated by the complicated poses? Or, do you think you’re simply not flexible

enough to contort yourself into a pretzel? Then, you’re going to love 3 Week Yoga Retreat, coming in

September exclusively to Beachbody On Demand.

3 Week Yoga Retreat is perfect if you’re new to the yoga mat, as this beginner yoga program will guide

you through three weeks of basic yoga classes and help you feel less stressed, improve your flexibility,

and increase your balance. The program doesn’t require any equipment (though a yoga mat, yoga block,

and a strap are all helpful), and we’ve included a modifier for each of the moves to help ease you in.


3 Week Yoga Retreat makes the moves easy to understand  and was designed so you can easily follow

along. Beachbody did an extensive search to find four trainers that you’ll not only love, but who are also

masters of the practice. This trusted team of four will guide you through each session with cueing so

precise you could do the program blindfolded (not that we’d recommend that).

After completing one 30-minute or shorter class a day, you’ll have a deeper understanding of yoga by the

end of 21 days. You’ll also have the confidence to hold your own in any yoga class!


Each week builds upon the prior one, and the 21-day program kicks off with Week 1 led by Vytas

Baskauskas, a trainer who already has a dedicated following in Los Angeles (and, yes you may have

seen him on Survivor!). He’s been studying and practicing yoga for more than 15 years, and approaches

the discipline in a functional and technical way that will help you understand not just the poses, but also

why they’re important. During that first week Vytas will teach you yoga fundamentals so you can build a

solid foundation for the weeks to come.


Here are some moves you’ll see in Week 1: Foundation with Vytas

3 day yoga



In Week 2 of the 3 Week Yoga Retreat, Elise picks up where Vytas leaves off, helping you expand on the

poses and postures you learned in Week 1. A former dancer turned certified yoga instructor with a

background in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, she’s trained A-list celebrities and motivated countless clients to

improve their lives with the practice. Elise says that with this program she “got to draw on my primary

passion as a teacher, which is to awaken people to realize their full potential… both on and off the mat.”

Here are some moves you’ll see in Week 2: Expansion with Elise


downward dog yoga pose


For the final week of the 3 Week Yoga Retreat, you’ll progress with Ted McDonald. He’ll kick your

practice up a notch, and you’ll begin to see improvements in both your skills and understanding of yoga.

This former Elite Adventure Racer and lifelong athlete is educated in both Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga,

and uses his classes to help his students improve their flexibility, strength, and focus. He’s been one of

Tony Horton’s yoga teachers for years, is one of the designated yoga teachers for the Tour De France,

and knows how to guide you through a practice that may also help you see greater results in higher-

intensity programs.

Here are some moves you’ll see in Week 3: Progression with Ted


yoga tree pose

During the weeks you’re led by Vytas, Elise and Ted, but on the weekends, you’re in the hands of Faith

Hunter. On Saturdays, it’s your time to relax and unwind, and on Sunday squeeze in a little yoga by

choosing from a variety of 10-mintute yoga sessions. This Washington D.C./NYC-based instructor began

studying yoga in the early 1990s and has taught at many high-profile events around the globe. She has

studied Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini Yoga, and blends classic yogic principles, meditation,

and real-world personal experiences into a passionate and free-spirited teaching style.

Here are some moves you’ll see in Weekends with Faith

warrior pose


The Classes in 3 Week Yoga Retreat

Mondays are Core. The foundation of yoga starts in your core. This class focuses on exercises that

engage, activate, and build awareness of these very important muscles.

Tuesdays are Stretch. This class is aimed at helping you stretch, extend, and lengthen all the muscles in

your body with a variety of poses.

Wednesdays are Balance. Challenge yourself with a series of different postures that engage the core

and help you develop better balance inside and out.

Thursdays are Flow. In this class you’ll put together everything you’ve learned so far and connect it with

your breathing in a nonstop “flowing” format. This is Vinyasa Flow, Beachbody-style.

Fridays are Flow to Go, a shorter, more advanced version of Thursday’s class that features a little less


Saturdays are Relax. Faith helps you unwind from your week with this relaxing class.

Sundays are Take 10. These are short, 10-minute classes that will help you wake up, wind down, or work

those abs. Pick one or do all three.


Ready to get started? The 3 Week Yoga Retreat is launching soon on Beachbody On Demand with 21 classes, a Quick Start Guide, Beginner’s Basic Video, a Pose Tracker, and a Class Calendar.

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