Meal Planning Made Easy

Did you know most people say the biggest reason they do not eat healthy is because they don’t have time to meal prep? Secondly, they don’t have the money. They need their meals to be “cheap”, “simple”, “quick”, and “family friendly”. I am here to tell you that IT IS possible and like most other things in life can be done in 3 simple steps!

As most of you know I am a busy mom of 2 year old twins. As if being a mom to twins wasn’t a full time job itself I am also juggling working as an Occupational Therapist and as an online health and fitness coach. I am trying my best to juggle it all while also eating healthy.

Here are the 3 basic steps…
1.) Plan:

Make a plan for your week starting with what you have going on that week. Work, soccer practice, birthday parties etc. Figure out how many nights you will be eating at home for sure (hopefully its at least 5-6). Then figure out what your family seems to like the best… Mexican, Italian, American. Try to stick with one theme. Sticking with one theme helps to minimize costs so you can buy in bulk and use leftovers together if you can/need too. For example leftover enchiladas goes much better with taco salad then it does with spaghetti. I buy a little extra as well so I can have them for lunch so I am not going through a drive through (to “save time”). Plan out the easiest meals for the busiest nights and prep your food by cutting it all up and putting ins bags or Tupperware so you can quickly make dinner.

2.) Do:

This step is the easiest… You just follow your plan. Write out the plan on the fridge on a white board if you need to so you older kids or spouse can help as needed.

3.) Evaluate:

How did it go? Did you have enough food? Too much food? Did the family like the recipes? What could make it easier?


Repeat those steps but using what you learned in the evaluation! In addition, I try to add 1 new recipe a week. I used to get carried away and I would find 5 things on pinterest and go to the store and buy so many different things and it was so stressful. Keeping it to one new meal a week is great because you still get something new but You can plan to do that meal on a night where you are less busy because it will take a lot more time and use your go-to family favorites for your busy nights. After a while healthy cooking will become easier and more natural.

For more recipes check out the recipe page or feel free to contact me and send me a message.

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