FUN and SIMPLE 4th of July party recipes

FUN and SIMPLE 4th of July appetizers and quick meals! Isn't it more fun to celebrate 4th of July BBQ's with a few red, white, and blue treats? This Independence Day lets celebrate America’s birthday with some patriotic recipes below.  They might be a bigger hit that than the fireworks!  Inspired by the beachbody blog! American Flag Fruit [...]

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Praying for Stretch Marks

You might wonder why someone would Pray for Stretch Marks.  While some women have no difficulty getting pregnant, one in 8 women in their 30's struggle with infertility!  I am one of those women.  I struggled for years with infertility and watched someone else I love and look up to struggle as well.  Her story [...]

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Comfortable and fun workout tanktops for women

Most of you who know me know I LOVE fun new WORKOUT TANK TOPS.  Are you more motivated to work out when you get new clothes?  What motivates you the most??  I am more MOTIVATED when I have new shoes or new pants, but most of all, I love a new shirt with some fun sayings [...]

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What is the 80 20 rule for dieting

The 80 20 Rule is a Great Principle for Weight Loss The 80/20 Rule is no Diet It's a lifestyle change that can create sustainable weight loss. No more of those fad diets that say "NEVER". This is not like The Atkins diet or Paleo Diet. While each of those diets have value in some regards they [...]

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Simple Meal Planning Tips and Recipe Ideas

How to Create a meal plan As you know I am a busy mom to 2 year old twin toddlers.  I like simple and cheap meals.  Meal planning used to be so time consuming and stressful making it hard to be successful with eating healthy consistently!  I have adopted some super simple tricks that help [...]

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3 Simple Steps to Meal Planning

Meal Planning Made Easy Did you know most people say the biggest reason they do not eat healthy is because they don't have time to meal prep? Secondly, they don't have the money. They need their meals to be "cheap", "simple", "quick", and "family friendly". I am here to tell you that IT IS possible [...]

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